In protest Budejovice detained 136 people accused no one

When protesters clash with police in Ceske Budejovice May settlement, which ended last night, eight people were injured. Police arrested 136 people in six cases initiated criminal proceedings on suspicion of violence against an official, said today ČTK police spokeswoman Lenka Holická. Yet no one accused, the police have seized all dismissed. Police confiscated the protesters twenty-five weapons - boxers, bars, gas guns, baseball bats. Police intervention Czech Budejovice Mayor Juraj Thoma considered totally professional. "The police restrict the freedom of 136 people in six instances, the acts of criminal proceedings, on suspicion of committing a crime of violence against a public official, in 130 cases, people committed offense conduct. Another 22 people showed police in order to establish their identity," Holická said.As we reported yesterday have been injured during violence 8 people. "In Hospital doctors treated eight people on Saturday in demonstrations, of which six activists and two police officers. Except for one, who remained in the hospital with a concussion, were all released. Cases were type injuries bruises, lacerations," said ČTK hospital spokeswoman Ivana Kerlesová. On Saturday 29 June following the first demonstration were treated 13 people, of whom ten activists and three policemen. Even if they were all, except one with a concussion, sent home after treatment.Police on Saturday early evening hit on the estate against participants unannounced anti-demonstration, they moved there from the city center, where the municipality canceled their unannounced meeting. Participants wanted to go en masse from the square just to the settlement, where there is a large Roma community. The place is waiting hundreds of police officers who pushed aggressive radicals and calm down.

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