Minority Rights Summer School Budapest – 2013

Minority Rights Summer School Budapest – 2013
Norms and Practices in Central and Southeast Europe
Budapest, Hungary, 4 – 10 August 2013 
The National University of Public Service (NUPS) in co-operation with the Tom Lantos Institute is organizing its first international Summer School on Minority Rights with a special focus on the implementation of norms in Central and Southeast Europe.
The Summer School will host 30-35 participants from Europe and elsewhere. It offers a forum to discuss relevant practices and research issues related to minorities with leading experts and practitioners in the field of ethnocultural diversity management. The principal focus of the forum is the implementation of minority rights standards from a legal and political perspective in Central and Southeast Europe. An overview of the international minority protection regime (norms, institutions and mechanisms) is complemented with the analysis of the diverse macro-political approaches to the management of ethnocultural diversity in this region. This is followed by the presentation of specific case studies of minority rights implementation including Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Kosovo. The forum pays special attention to the role of civil society in both norm-creation and norm-adherence in the field of minority protection. Presentations are multi-disciplinary combining law, political sciences, anthropology and sociology.
Deadline for Application: 8 July 2013.
Date of Notification: 10 July 2013.