SUMNAL-Association for Development of the Roma Community in Macedonia

The Association is a non-governmental, non-party and non-profitable organization with social, humanistic, educational, cultural and scientific, charitable and other public character, activity and interest.  

The Association has a goal to:
To give contribution to the development of the Roma community through improvement of the conditions for social inclusion in the society and improvement of the economical status of the Roma community;

To raise the level and degree of literacy and education of the Roma community by supporting of the formal education system, informaleducation and other educational activities;

Contribution to the material and spiritual culture of the Roma community by preserving the traditions and customs as well as the new elements of the modern   culture expressed through the contemporary art; 

Creative development of the children and young peope, Early childhood development for pre-school children;Protection of vulnerable groups in the Roma community (newborns, single mothers, women victims of violence and elderly people).Contribution to the development of a multiethnic society by promoting peace, tolerance, mutual understanding, anti-discrimination and cooperation between different communities;