Discrimination and Not Tolerated Treatment towards Rromani people in the past and now


Dear Rromalen ,

Since the Rromani people moved from India, they travelled all over the world and found place to live in the society with non-Roma. The Rroma people became target of not tolerated treatment; they have been discriminated and assimilated everywhere. Many generations of Rroma people don’t know what the reason for discrimination through the centuries is. The idea is to find the real problem- which are the reasons for discrimination and not tolerated treatment of others, what is the reason it's good to know this problem....Many people do research on Rroma history, culture, and socila probles, ..Im doing different research on this topic ..Why do Rroma face discrimination and hateful treatment in the past and now?... so im asking your help as Rroma experts, sudents and many people who study the Romani History to help with this questions.

Please on attach find the document with questionnaire.
Please shared to all Roma network and non-Roma

Oven saste.