Romani genetic linguistics and genetics: Results, prospects and problems

Much progress has been made recently in the migration history of the Roms based on language data. Genetic research on the Roms, using DNA data, sheds light on the same, by studying connections between European Roms and local populations, between Roms in different locations, and between Roms and Asian groups. The genetic data confirm a migration of the ancestors of the Roms out of South Asia, through southern Persia. In most locations of settled populations in Europe, the Roms appear rather different from the local non-Roms and from other Romani groups. The groupings used by geneticists often differ from those used by linguists, and the density of data, too, differs between the two disciplines. This leads to problems of different kinds in comparing the genetic and linguistic results on migration patterns. Generally, the data point to the same historical scenario, including the dating of linguistic and genetic splits