Im writing this because im tired to be discriminated from the people .I was reading this week in the social media and i read all hate speech about the Rroma even you do nothing I don’t know why can somebody explain to me or where we did mistake to I resolve .
I don’t know what happen in the past , what they did for today I suffers from the hate speech and discriminitation

European social media is full of the hate speech . i can not understand why , what we did in this world to everyone hate me , maybe because im rroma and i dont have my country or that im nomad and living in the camps or im everywhere in the world or im not literacy or maybe because i have my tradition .

I can not understand this really im so disappointed from this wolrd , maybe I don’t have place to be part from non society why..because im Rroma , poor non-literacy

Can somebody help or to resolve this nightmare.

Elez Bislim