The Roma Nation Movement

Dear brothers and sisters, dear friends and followers,

We are inviting you to decide the next steps of The Roma Nation Movement, the future of our movement. We are organising two days meeting in Brussels in the middle of November, where we can discuss and agree on a program, which will be drafted by our Roma brother political scientist and lawyer Orhan Tahir. We think it is time to define and to defend the poltical interests of the 

Roma Nation in Europe.

We are not NGO and we do not have donors. This makes us independent and free. We understand that many of you cannot pay your tickets and accommodation, but it is time to start investing in our own movement. Roma politics with Roma money. For this reason we will not beg Non-Roma donors and institutions for funds, but we will rely on our own community.
We will create an account for donations and anyone who want will be able to support our Roma movement. The future is in our own hands. We have to stop complaining and expecting someone else to solve our problems. We must do it by ourselves. If you are interested, please write to us an email at:

Aven saste the bachtale,
Michael Daduc 

Roma Representative of Indian Diaspora founder of the Roma Nation Movement
We are group of Roma men and women who wants freedom, equality and justice to be reached to Roma Nation. Our UK partners are Gypsy Council, Roma London Organisation, Roma Communities Ltd, Devleskero Drom - Roma Community Network, Malcolm X Movement, NeverAgainEver