Story about young Roma Person Sabuhan Feradovik from Topaana-Macedonia

The effective participation of the Romani minority in public life is a vital element in all democratic societies, but the participation must always take a voluntary form. There is a need to strengthen, clarify and harmonize the work of multilateral organizations. North Macedonia is the region's leader in respecting the rights of the Romani people. It is the first country in the region with a minister of Romani ethnicity and also has a lot of Romani in high government positions. However, there is still a lot to be done concerning the education and integration of the Romani

Topaana is the second Roma community in Macedonia after Suto Orizari today we are writing about the young Roma person Sabuhan Feradovik from Topaana who is trying to help in the community with a  small donation from the people who live out from the country as solidarity for Topaana  .

Since he was young, Sabuhan  has always focused on how he can make a change in his community with all kind help especially young voice 

This is one example of how can Romani people be solidarity and share some help with others.

Please share this information and also you can follow the Sabuhan activities and be part if his action with the small financial support you can help many Roma families in Topaana.