RIP -From Circus Acrobat To Resistance Fighter: The Story Of Raymond Gurême

Raymond Gurême was born in 1925 near Paris into a French Manouche (i.e. Sinti in French) family. As did several generations of the family before them, his parents owned a small circus and a traveling cinema: the family toured France and parts of Belgium and Switzerland where they were warmly received in villages deprived of entertainment. The whole family was involved: Raymond’s father Hubert Leroux, a First World War veteran, was an acrobat, musician, and film projectionist, his mother Mélanie trained their nine children who all mastered different circus activities. Raymond for instance was an acrobat, a clown, and later a horse tamer. He recalls the fun but also the hard work, such as rewinding films onto their reels after the evening screenings.

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