25 of May nacional day for romani people in Brazil

Calon – Romani Dromá – Caminhos CiganosNational Gypsy Day is officially celebrated in Brazil on May 24th. It was celebrated for the first time on May 24, 2007, with a special program from the Special Secretariat for Policies to Promote Racial Equality (Seppir). As part of the program, the gypsy stamp and seal was launched by the Brazilian Post and Telegraph Companies (ECT), in honor of the historical fact of the participation of the Roma people in facilitating communications. The Gypsy Ethnic Rights Booklet was also announced through the Special Secretariat for Human Rights. The Roma people include the Roma, Sintos and Calons, groups formed from the diaspora of a nomadic people originally from northern India, who passed through various regions of the Middle East and Europe, and later spread to other continents.