Reaction regarding the repeal of the Law on Prevention and Protection against Discrimination by the Constitutional Court

The Law on Prevention and Protection of Discrimination was several months in the legal procedure for its adoption and it was adopted by the Assembly because of the pressure made by numerous NGOs. The law came into force in May 2019 and this law is considered to be a law that responded to the concerns of the previous legal solution.
According to the provisions of the law, the Commission for Prevention and Protection against Discrimination should have been established immediately after the entry into the force of the law itself within 3 months, but it was not established even after one year. What we got a year after the entry into force of this law is its abolition by the Constitutional Court.
Yesterday, the Constitutional Court made a decision to repeal the Law on Prevention and Protection against Discrimination, which means that this law is eliminated from the legal system, and the started execution in accordance with the law will be stopped. This decision of the Constitutional Court means that the law will not be applicable in future cases

This information is taken from Romalitico