NGO Sumnal Virtual classroom for support during the realization of the primary school

The Roma Association for Development of the Roma Community Macedonia - SUMNAL - Bitola started with the realization of the project: "Virtual classroom to support the realization of school obligations among students Roma from IV grade during COVID-19", supported by an ad-hoc grant from Civic Motilities. The general goal of the project is to focus on the organization of virtual classrooms for the education and implementation of teaching activities of Roma students from I-V grade during COVID-19.

For that purpose, the association in cooperation with teachers from the elementary schools "Kliment Ohridski" "Gjorgi Sugarev" - Bitola and NUUB "St. Kliment Ohridski" - Bitola and university professors are working together to organize virtual classrooms that will help Roma students not lagging behind their school activities and responsibilities. Through the realization of this project, it is possible to apply online teaching forms and methods for the realization of the learning process, as well as the application of creative methods and techniques for developing creativity in the learning process among Roma students from I-V grade.
The planned activities of the project will facilitate the learning process and encourage creativity in the educational process among Roma students. Given the fact that today everyone faces a serious challenge called COVID-19, the disruptions that occur in society as a result of the pandemic COVID-19 greatly impair the future and well-being of children. But thanks to the technology that connects people in their homes, many opportunities have opened up for students and teachers. The fact is that the school is not only a place for learning but also a place for socialization, care, and training, common space.

Although it is a period of the pandemic, where human lives are endangered, serious efforts are being made not to neglect the education of children, especially children who are part of marginalized groups. In that case, the technology acquires greater power and significance for the smooth realization of the educational process. Of particular importance are the Roma children from the first grade of I-V grade to have constant support from professionals. Professionals put their professionalism in the function of the identified difficulties that Roma students have in certain subjects, by organizing classes where dedicated work is done to overcome school subjects and responsibilities. In addition, their creativity is encouraged and the knowledge and opportunities for further learning and education are enriched.

The project is implemented online, using the Zoom platform, so that none of the participants and the team are exposed to any danger from the virus. The SUMNAL team calls for strict adherence to coronavirus measures.

This information is taken from the NGO Sumnal :