Poole Museum to host display of hidden heritage of Gypsies and Travellers

This summer Poole Museum will display stories from Kushti Bok, a group that supports people from Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller backgrounds.
Poole Museum’s ‘Our Space’ area invites community groups to tell stories that are important to them and their links to the local communities. ‘Our Space’ will host a display of the largely hidden heritage of Gypsies and Travellers in and around Poole.
Developed through a partnership with Kushti Bok, it features research by Raymond Wills, the local ‘Gypsy Poet’. As a child, Ray grew up on his grandparent’s farm on the Mannings Heath commons. His closest neighbors were Gypsies and Ray spent hours visiting the local camps in Canford Heath, Old Wareham Road, and Alderney.

The information is taken from Dorset Aye : https://dorseteye.com/poole-museum-to-host-display/...