RAJ-Roma Association of Journalists / RAN-Romani Asocijacija e Romengiri

The RAJ(RAN)  will work in the interest of protecting the journalistic profession, media workers, opposing anti-Romanism through  media, spreading hate speech, 
assimilation and false unverified informal information.

The media often writes about the Roma people based on what they heard and never search the try that why they ingrained stereotypes that exist in the reality because of their un-knowledge about the Romani people, so the image in the media is showed as negative and never is show the reality among the reader that why we will try to change that image into positive what the majority of the public expects

The media sensation, the treatment of topics in the media in which the Roma are the big villains, causes empathy in others, thus putting them in the category of hate speech around the world, for this reason, we made a partnership with the Romani media who are following every day other the media who write about the Romani people. The cooperation of the Roma media is an important priority for giving a different image of reporting through objective and transparent reporting when it comes to Romani people.

 This romani media cooperation : 24 vakti (Macedonia), Romapress (Macedonia), Romans (France), Euromapress (France), TV RIZ(Germany), Lumijakere Roma (Brazil).

Observation :

The Roma are Europe’s largest ethnic minority. Out of an estimated 10-12 million in total in Europe,  other countries around the globe. A significant part of the Roma in Europe lives under marginal conditions in both rural and urban areas as well as in very poor socio-economic conditions and non-information what the media write about them. The discrimination, social exclusion, and segregation that Roma's face is mutually reinforcing, and hate speech troy the social media and more.