FLORENCE / ROM - BEATEN BY POLICE STATION SMN AGGRESSION reported to the POLICE in Florence - Where are the HUMAN RIGHTS Administered by the City Mayor Matthew RENZI?

 Matteo Renzi - Mayor of Florence
"The Avvenure of Pinocchio, the story of a puppet"

Florence July 12, 2012


POLICE AGGRESSION reported to the Florence

The Mayor of Florence Matteo Renzi and the Councillor for Social Stefania Saccardi with the bulldozers have demolished the field dell'Olmatello Rom. It was July 9, 2012 and the local press reported the news and words Administrator Florentine "is further evidence that this administration works and makes things very differently from others who just talk."  

Always the same Matteo Renzi informed the press about Twitter in the days following the great ability of the City of protecting and defending human rights, especially those of women and children.

The Association of Roma Nation, present in the work of demolition of the field dell'Olmatello denounced the hypocrisy of the Mayor Matteo Renzi Blog NATION ROM publishing the article: "Matteo Renzi, Stefania Saccardi, the story of Pinocchio and lies on the Roma - FIELD ROM DELL'OLMATELLO - Florence "


Four days earlier, at the railway station Santa Maria Novella 'sumpteenth racist and violent assault by the state police against Roma families present for years in the city.


Several citizens have reported to Roma ' association Rom Nationnumerous racist incidents and assaults occurred in recent days in Firenze SMN station (where they try to scrape together some money to help travelers to load / unload their baggage on trains) and the most serious of which is what happened last July 5.



Florence Police Headquarters - condemning Mirela Pita Panseuta

The ' 
yet another beating from them free immediately by the Police.This time something moved differently. Mirela Panseuta Pita , one of them, has failed to present at the police station in Florence . It 'the same police station where they were taken after the beating fingerprint, and interventions that increase persecutors only public expenditure without providing any benefit to the safety of Italian taxpayers. A complaint relating to the offense committed by a policeman shortly beforeand from that omission committed two colleagues who were present and that they have not said it did nothing to stop it while attending to her in the act drunk. 


The complaint to the police station they made a very brief Mirela has also considered the fact that these Roma were eight, three men and five women (five of which were struck-including two women and then each of these five have seven witnesses)


Where are the Human Rights that the Mayor Matteo Renzi said to protect
the final day of the camp Roma dell'Olmatello?

In the city of Florence and continued failure to comply with European Directives 2000/43/EC on non-discrimination and 2004/38/EC on free movement, the CARD of Fundamental Rights, illegal expulsions of EU citizens carried out by Police Prefecture and at the behest of the Ministry of Interior, the DEPORTATIONS , institutional abuse, deception and lies.  

The operation performed by the administration of Matthew RENZI June 16, 2011 against the Roma population of Quaracchi a very serious operationINSTITUTIONAL ABUSE . Where are the 400,000 euros of public funds allocated by the Council of Ministers for the Roma on the territory (Resolution 279-26 April 2011 - Tuscany Region) used for "assisted repatriation"?

The ' association Rom Nation continues with determination in the request for convening a table local and regional level for inclusion of Roma familiesas required by the strategy which NCP National Contact Point for the National Bureau against Racial Discrimination - UNAR denouncing aggression and intimidation by Councillors, representatives of ARCI in Florence and in the past by Senior Officials of the same police station in Florence.

Castle on the plain of Florence, Via della Pietraia 29, lived the writer Carlo Lorenzini in art  Carlo Collodi . While staying at the Castle, hosted by his brother Paul, who became director of the Old Shower Ginori Manufactory, came up with the inspiration to write his most famous work " The Adventures of Pinocchio. Stories of a puppet . " Castle is located in a hilly area of Florence and is known for the presence of buildings, parks and villas of great historical and artistic interest.

Carlo Collodi would find great inspiration from current events that see the Mayor of Florence increasingly committed to earning the chair of President of the Council of Ministers , chair   to which Matteo Renzi sucks. "The Pinocchio-avvenure Renzi. Story of a Puppet "and as all the puppets are manipulated by strings of the puppeteer.

At the time of the Collodi toyland was Sesto Fiorentino, the children became ASSES them, the ears grew long and their skin was made ​​of drums. Today the country is flat TOYS Castle , adjoining the town of Sesto Fiorentino .The Prosecutor's Office the institutional task of ascertaining the truth and the rule of law. Citizens of the Republic the moral duty to denounce abuses and seek TRUTH 'and JUSTICE .

 Marcello Zuinisi - Legal Representative Association Rom Nation
Salone dei Cinquecento 
City of Florence
May 9, 2012 - the State of the Union

The ' association Rom Nation has made ​​its legitimate demands and his denunciation of the Salone dei Cinquecento City of Florence at the conference the State of the Union held May 9, 2012. In the presence of European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso , President of the Council of Mario Monti , President of Tuscany Region Enrico Rossi and the Mayor of Florence Matteo Renzi . Demanding an end to racial persecution, apartheid Anti-Roma and Roma Holocaust - "the Porrajmos".

From ' THE COUNCIL OF EUROPE PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY held in Piazza SS Annunziata November 7, 2011 the request of ' ASSOCIATION COUNTRY ROM to convene a TABLE OF INCLUSION FAMILIES ROM to harvest all the institutions and the government of Tuscany. (Page 11)


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