Folk Dance and Creative Drama Education for Roma

Roma living in Antalya (Mediterranean region of Turkey) are being trained about folk dance and creative drama in the context of the project named "Vocational Education for Disadvantaged Groups from Local to National" organized by Vocational Education and Small Scall Industry Supporting Foundation, Turkey Tradesmen and Handicraftsmen Confederation, Turkish Employment Agency. Totally 40 Roma between 17 and 40 ages benefit from the vocational course.

Folk dance and creative drama courses being taught in Muratpaşa Vocational Education Center still continue. It's planned to establish a music group including 20 musicians and 20 dancers after the course which will continue until August, 20. The participants are being educated about preparation to animation, scene activities, face and body painting, theatrical makeup, vocal, solfege besides folk dance and creative drama in the course. It's believed that these trainings will make easier finding a regular job for Roma primarily in Antalya in where tourism is one of the most important economic activities. The Roma participants are being paid 20 tl ( 12 $) for each day by the organizator foundations. 

Vocational courses are so important for Roma people among who unemployment rate is higher than the average. Scholars say that if the vocational courses continue with parallel activities to help Roma to find regular jobs, it will be possible to reach a great success.

Source: CHA